Rattan Retreat: Experience the Charm and Sophistication of Rattan Furniture

Rattan Furniture It is used in that days remarkably as it has become more widespread because rattan is the material we get through certain palm species, It looks like wood but has flexible stems and also looks like bamboo but is not hollow unlike bamboo and is also used in rural areas as building materials, It also uses many other things.

Rattan Furniture

It is one of the best and best kinds of furniture, It has become very popular in the Egyptian market, where it varies in shape and character,It has become one of the most important things, furniture and decorations in the house, Because of the material and the different shape, it has now become one of the most important essentials of home decorations, villas and hotel mansions as many forms of rattan are made such as garden furniture, tables, chairs and swings.

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There are many rattan specifications and one of the most important is

  • The sun endures.
  • Available in several colors.
  • Rattan can be used in cafés, pool sessions, roofs and gardens.
  • Fit for all purposes.
  • Doesn’t need periodic maintenance.
Rattan Furniture
Rattan Furniture

How to Care rattan home furniture

Do not leave that  in the sun all day as it is little resistance from UV light, so it cracks easily,Rattan is also porous as it absorbs any kind of moisture quickly,if left outside, it should be covered with a waterproof cover. You should regularly wipe it down using a wet and soft cloth or by using a soft bristle brush for objects with complex designs or hard-to-reach corners and corners with no pressure washer as it can cause serious damage.

Steps to clean rattan furniture

Rutan furniture is great, but it must always be cleaned regularly to make it last as long as possible in order to continue to give joy to your decor.

It also has a design that has a lot of angles and gaps in which it is easy for the dust to gather, especially when it stays outside the house garden, So if it is left and is not stuck continuously, these cracks will collect a lot of dust and this is very bad as the dust carries germs such as bacteria, mold and many insects.

How to Care rattan home furniture
Rattan Furniture

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So you have to follow those steps to clean that furniture

  • By using a soft cloth once or twice a week.
  • Clean it with a soft bristle vacuum cleaner.
  • Wipe it with a mild detergent by blending dish soap with warm water while using a soft cloth on the furniture surface gently.
  • Dry it by using a clean, dry cloth to wipe down furniture and remove any excess moisture. Then let it dry completely.

Rattan Types

Thee are two types of rattan such as :

  • Natural rattan home furniture : It is a natural fiber so it is easily damaged and the cause of damage is weather factors so natural rattan is sure to damage faster if exposed to sunlight, So it’s best to use only natural rattan furniture inside.
  • Artificial rattan home furniture :Artificial furniture is less damaged by water if compared to normal.
Rattan Types
Rattan Furniture

Cost of rattan

Artificial rattan is not as expensive as natural rattan, but it can become expensive, when it comes to quality options and full sets, for example, the price of a high quality collection of garden furniture can vary from 35 to 50 thousand rubles. It can reach 100 thousand.

Therefore, if you want to find rattan furniture of the best quality that lasts with you for years to come, it will be a little high price so it is better to accumulate a certain amount of money and buy high quality goods rather than poor rattan products.

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